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Elite Media, established in 2012, is a business content agency and economic consultancy which operates from London, Dubai, New York, Beijing and Vienna. We work with clients to help them create high‐quality, thought provoking, research and analysis.

We’re a vibrant company staffed by alumni of The Economist, a brand that continues to underpin many of our qualities. We can help firms define, create and market a compelling view of topics over multiple platforms, including print, web, digital editions, video & conferences. We work alongside you to ensure that your brand shines a spotlight on your firm’s expertise.

Elite Media offers a range of content services that helps to promote our client’s strategic insight to key decision‐makers. The result is a unique content hub, positioned to help marketers and business development teams reach corporate and government readers.

Our Clients

Our Team

Our multi-functional team includes a network of world class journalists, editors, economists, financial data analysts, graphic designers and B2B marketers.

David Taylor-Evans


David is the CEO of Elite Media. In a 12 year career at The Economist he was previously Managing Director, Middle East & Africa of The Economist Group. He had responsibility for all Economist Group businesses in the region, which included the role of Publisher of The Economist,, Intelligent Life and The World In.

He also managed Economist Conferences, Economist Corporate Network and the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in MEA. Prior to his career at The Economist he worked for Thomson Reuters and as an academic publisher.

Delia MethCohn

Managing Editor

Delia is our Managing Editor. Her previous role was Editorial Director CEMEA for The Economist’s editorial services, managing a team of analysts, writers and editors in Dubai, Johannesburg, Geneva, and Frankfurt.

During a 19 year career at The Economist she chaired discussions with government leaders in South Africa, Nigeria, Turkey, Egypt and Ukraine and across the GCC on subjects ranging from urban sustainability, healthcare and energy to corporate social responsibility.

Thought Leadership

Basic content marketing helps to inform, educate, and attract potential buyers at different stages of the buying process. Thought leadership content though only emerges when important ideas and company views captures attention and helps clients to discuss those topics.

Sponsoring a media brand to write a report will not make your clients want to buy your expertise, the reality is it will confuse the reader as to why your firm would hide behind another brand. Elite Media will work with you to make sure your thought leadership investment shines a spotlight on your expertise.

Many firms have content development and marketing groups which include in‐house as well as outsourced research and writing resources. Elite Media can be part of that process and work with you to maximise the return on investments.

We think that thought leadership is about turning proven experience, expertise and insightful information into value and benefits.

Thought Leadership for Marketers

Have you wondered why your firm can create a great content campaign and then struggle to do it on a consistent basis? We think that the key to a good content campaign is to create an understanding of what the outcome needs to be and establish a narrative voice – or even an editorial policy – that means that at every stage of the process everyone has the clarity to know what they are aiming for.

Of course ROI and PR are the important metrics that drive a content campaign – we understand that, which is why Elite Media is an ideal partner to help you meet those targets.

We can provide content that can help drive your campaign, from “big thinking” research based on our econometric skills as we did with EY or pull together big data as in this PwC example to easily explain a big story with an infographic.

Some of the most effective content campaigns focus on a narrow topic that helps highlight your firm’s expertise; this where small briefing reports or articles can drive the right type of PR headlines as we did with this report for PwC.

The best content campaigns are built on an interesting concept, have a strong narrative and use the best tools to deliver key messages.

Not only can we offer you a world class research toolkit we also use our journalists and editors to shine a spotlight on your firm’s expertise through interviews that feed into your content, an example of this is work we did for Hogan Lovells.

Your client has an issue they are looking to deal with, that’s why they invest time in your firm’s content, if you aren’t able to convince them of the expertise you have to help them then they may go elsewhere. We can use your client’s views as “expert witnesses” to complement your opinion with their market analysis or case study experiences. Our experienced business writers can merge your firm’s insight with the “expert witness” analysis as we did for this report.

Thought Leadership for Business Development

We often get commissioned with the sole purpose of delivering content that will help business development teams to sell services to clients. Our work can be aimed at a very small group of clients to support a pitch or win an opportunity to get your experts in-front of senior executives.

We will work with business development teams to avoid a banal description of a service offering and make sure you deliver content with substance and evidence developed using our world class research toolkit.

We believe that firms get the best return on thought leadership investment when the aim is to convince clients to buy your expertise with a clever and insightful content campaign that provides real world recommendations to intelligently prompt your client to buy your services - here’s a good example from the Tax team at Allen & Overy and another from their Intellectual Property team.

Our Services

  • Develop a portfolio of topics that are relevant to the target market.
  • Help decided which topics your firm should be seen as an expert versus those on which it simply has an adequate point of view.
  • Develop a narrative, researching and making sense of data and creating content with a coherent storyline.
  • Processes to create and market Intellectual Capital that reflect the strengths and culture of your firm.

Research Methods

We have a dedicated company to support our research activity - Elite Economics. We specialise in high-quality quantitative & qualitative primary research, plus economic and financial analysis. Our clients come to us to help provide solutions that are unique to them. We provide robust research that reflects our macro-economic, socio-demographic, financial, geo-political and sectorial expertise.

Our research services are delivered by a world-class team of experts using best-in-class data, to ensure that our clients have the competitive edge by using high quality strategic business intelligence. Our independence means that we a free to use the most relevant financial, economic and market data in order to ensure our output meets our clients’ exacting demands. We also incorporate the use of primary research techniques to help our clients get the clearest understanding of the data and how they can use that knowledge to improve their thought leadership output.

Economic Research

Economic data is a powerful tool to support the narrative of your content. We can help you support your “big thinking” research with our econometric skills as we did with EY or pull together big data as in this PwC example to easily explain a big story.

Financial Data

The business world is inundated by financial data; our expertise is to tease out the critical information that helps you offer insight to your clients and helps them rely on your company as a thought leader as we’ve done for Allen & Overy and Hogan Lovells.


Surveys can be a powerful part of the narrative toolkit but too often are used for the wrong reasons. Survey data doesn’t explain what leading firms are doing to stay ahead or provide strategic advice – your own experts provide that insight. Surveys should be used to understand your market, what clients can relate to and learn from, here’s a good example from the Tax team at Allen & Overy.


In economics and finance, an index is a statistical measure of changes in a representative group of individual data points. The data can be derived from any number of sources, including company financial reports, prices, macro-economic series, productivity, national accounts, survey data or industry data. Basically all of the research methods we know we’re good at in one research tool. In its simplest form The Economist provides a Big Mac Index that expresses the adjusted cost of a Big Mac worldwide as a percentage over or under the cost of a Big Mac in America, this helps to visualise currency values. We developed the Corporate Funding Index to show how large and mid-cap companies are funding themselves, broken down into different products, regions and sectors.

Content Marketing

Strong Intellectual Capital is the Key to Effective Professional Services Marketing

A recent survey conducted amongst U.S. professional services firms reported that having strong Intellectual Capital (IC) was the most important ingredient of effective marketing. Elite Media works as an outsourced partner and helps clients to promote their firm’s brand, Intellectual Capital and expertise. We help you convince your clients that your firm’s Intellectual Capital deserves to be evaluated.

Basic content marketing helps to inform, educate, and attract potential buyers at different stages of the buying process. Thought leadership style content though only emerges when important ideas and company views strike a resonant chord that causes the market to discuss those views. Thought leadership is about turning proven experience, expertise and helpful information, such as case studies and data, into value and benefits.

Content Marketing

Our Marketing Support

Elite Media not only understands what content your target market is interested in, but also how they want to consume and engage with your content. We provide full end-to-end content services plus the marketing support to take your content to market. Our team is led by a senior Professional Services marketer with 20 years’ B2B experience, who has worked in the UK, across EMEA, the US and the Middle East.

Planning & Strategy

Our support can be aligned to your objectives with an entirely hard working and practical team to help the marketing plan succeed. We work effectively with both marketing and sales to make sure the project delivers. We’ll help you decide what it will take to make it happen, and how to measure it, all the way through the reader’s journey.


Our team of journalists, editors and economists are a gold mine of ideas which allows us to be creative in our approach. Our ‘test, learn and evolve’ ethos is embedded into campaigns so you can act in real time and be agile. We work with clients that have great ideas, but time makes it difficult to convert that idea into results – we can help.. From content campaigns, thought leadership, point of view articles or blogs, events to PR, social media to sales toolkits; we can be a resource to make that content campaign a success.


We can offer ad-hoc extra resource and support for your content campaign. We have experienced marketing and communications managers that can help on everything from small, single-piece activity such as writing a blog, through to working with you part or full-time for weeks or months as an extended member of the team.

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